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Semi-Private Training

The Service Includes

  • Pay based on usage

  • No minimum usage

  • Free video filming time

  • Free consultation booking

  • Free Parking

  • 24-hour access to the facility

  • Free Workout space for you

  • Prime Location


Unit 100, 1324 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Looking for a Premium Private Training Space?

At Inside Out, we offer an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking Semi-private training solutions. Our boutique fitness facility, designed for premium space utilization, ensures your clients enjoy an exclusive and distraction-free environment. With our easy rental space booking options, you can access our facility on-demand, making it easy to schedule your training sessions.

Say goodbye to crowded fitness centers. Our small-capacity setting caters to your privacy needs, enhancing the quality of private training sessions. Explore our rental space booking services, where premium space meets convenience, and elevate your training programs to the next level. 

Located in the heart of the city, close to Kensington, Lower Mount Royal, and Sunalta, our studio offers not only easy access and free parking but also a prime opportunity to connect with a wider client base. Elevate your training sessions in a top-notch facility designed to help you thrive in the competitive fitness industry.

The Facility

How Do I Start?

1. Apply

To begin, fill out a simple application form, and then have a chat with us in a friendly interview

2. Get Accepted

Once you fill out the form and have a nice chat with us, you’re on your way. We’ll make sure you meet our standards for using our safe and dedicated training place.

3. Get Onboarded

After we welcome you in, we’ll guide you through the rules and tell you everything you need to know. We’ll show you how our booking system works and help you get started. It’s easy and straightforward.

4. Start Training

Congratulations! You’ve completed the application, got accepted, and learned the ropes. Now, you can use our Semi-private and safe space for training. Give your clients a great experience and watch your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The private training space is exclusively available for certified and experienced trainers to use while training their clients.

The private training space is exclusively available for certified and experienced trainers to use while training their clients.

Trainers must be certified and experienced, ensuring a high level of expertise in fitness training.

To apply, simply complete the application form, and our team will contact you to guide you through the process.

There are no hidden fees. The only cost associated is the hourly booking rate for the space. This is shared during the interview process. 

You can easily book the space through our app. Please note that there is a capacity limit, so it’s essential to reserve your spot in advance.

Our private training space is well-equipped with 2 squat racks, 2 cable machines, a sled push, hex bars, a wide range of dumbbells (from 5lb to 75lb), bands, benches, kettlebells, and more.

Each rental session is for a duration of 1 hour. There is no limitations into how many sessions you can have.

Yes, there is a maximum capacity of 3 trainers at any given time. All trainers must be certified, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only.

No, the private training space is exclusively for trainers and their clients. External individuals are not allowed access.

Yes, there is a different cost depending on the number of clients you bring. The maximum allowed is four clients per session per trainer.