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Personal Training

Sustainable Fitness Solutions for Lifelong Transformation

Sustainable Training Approach

We specialize in Personal Training that’s customized to foster sustainable transformations. By adopting a holistic approach, we tailor workouts and wellness plans that fit seamlessly into your life. This personalized strategy ensures that your fitness journey is not just about temporary gains but lasting health and vitality.

Not sure where tostart? Feel Free to ask Us

How do I start?

We prioritize understanding your unique fitness needs through a deliberate, thoughtful process, ensuring a personalized training approach tailored specifically for you.
Step 1

Reach out

Contact us let us know you are inquiring to learn about the options: 

Step 2

Schedule Your Introductory Chat​

Let's have a 15-30 minute chat to understand your needs and goals, and to see if, during our call, you feel we could be the right place for you to visit in person.

Step 3

Complimentary inperson Consultation

After our discussion, it's best to meet in person. Meet your trainer, and let's dive deeper into what exactly you are looking for and also conduct some in-person physical evaluations to assess your current fitness level.

Step 4

Kickstart Your Journey with the Starter Pack

Once you have approved the trainer during the consultation, we now want to give you the opportunity to train with your chosen trainer. The goal is for both parties to evaluate each other. From our end, we aim to better understand who you are and what your journey should entail. This also allows you to assess your trainer without any commitment pressure and determine if our facility is the right place for you to comfortably begin your fitness journey.

Final Step

Package Selection

After completing the Starter Pack, we'll reconnect to exchange feedback. We hope you will share how the experience was for you, and we will also share our findings and what we believe is the correct approach.

Keeping Track of Your Achievements

We motivate and guide you through a mix of metrics and personal milestones, showcasing your progress and the distance you’ve covered on your fitness journey. Our support is tailored to reflect your achievements, big or small, ensuring a sustainable path to success that resonates with your individual aspirations.

Before and After

Discover the potential for transformation at Inside Out Total Wellness, where success stories are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend bringing comfortable workout attire, a water bottle, and a positive attitude. We’ll provide the rest, including any necessary equipment.

During your first session, we’ll discuss your fitness goals, assess your current fitness level, and introduce you to our training approach.

Our fitness studio is a supportive, judgment-free zone. We limit our capacity to foster a close-knit community where members and trainers motivate and hold each other accountable. It’s an ideal environment for those looking to stay consistent in their fitness journey.

Inside Out ensures an exclusive training environment by not allowing external walk-ins during classes. Additionally, we offer discounts with local Calgary businesses, enhancing our members’ holistic fitness experience.

Yes, we offer personal training, nutrition guidance, and small group training sessions. These are tailored to meet your specific fitness goals and are arranged by speaking with our representatives.

Our instructors are not only kind and patient but also highly qualified. They hold group and personal training certifications, with specializations ranging from osteo-fitness to pre-post maternity fitness and nutrition. Their passion for fitness is evident in every class.

Inside Out offers an introductory consultation, followed by an intro offer. Our membership options include both packs and recurring memberships.

Located in SW Downtown Calgary, we have convenient parking and are close to city parking facilities. With Dollarama and Community Foods nearby, our studio operates on an appointment-only basis, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all our members.

We focus on small, sustainable steps for long-term fitness success. Before becoming a member, we assess your lifestyle and goals to tailor a fitness path that encourages healthy habits and consistency. Our approach includes emotional support to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.